your home chopsticks long haven 't changed, it 's time to get changed

your home chopsticks long haven 't changed, it was time for a change

spear stainless steel chopsticks

chopsticks weight very suitable, slightly than ordinary chopsticks focus, appearance is also very atmosphere, very fine workmanship chopsticks, grinding is very smooth and mellow, feel very good!

slip not moldy alloy chopsticks

feel particularly good, holding a weight, atmosphere on the grade, collision magnetic sound, use the severity of chopsticks suitable, chopsticks head has a frosted slip.

household chopsticks set japanese

skidproof, high temperature resistant chopsticks, a variety of patterns of chopsticks can let you choose, there is always a very suitable for you.

chopsticks home skid

chopsticks with frosted front end, slip design, very easy to use; after the end of the sticker is very fine, too it was expensive. chopsticks very has the feel in the hand.

japanese style home wood chopsticks

we adopt new overprint technology, each section of the chopsticks are multicolor overprint, pattern exquisite novelty, durable antimicrobial, color more moist and bright.

japanese household alloy chopsticks

good quality, not only beautiful and fine workmanship smooth, feel comfortable and easy to use, smooth and delicate does not frizz, the length of the chopsticks thickness uniformity.

japanese household chopsticks

workmanship is very good, feel good, chopsticks tip very comfortable with them, chopsticks has weight, catch in are in the hands of texture, chopsticks front has also been making scrub treatment, increase friction, clip things very relaxed.

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