young artists a little wine, drink a fan art, " i 'm white river, life is very simple "

literary youth small wine, drink a fan art, " i 'm white river, life actually very simple "

" cock wire type, literary and artistic heart, the pursuit of simple life " youth small wine–" i am white river ", which is the cartoon image and liquor products tightly together, profoundly grasp each wine enthusiasts on the emerging young wine-the heart of white river.

white river north canton with small sorghum

in recent years, as more and more exotic such as brandy, whisky, vodka etc strikes a blow at the domestic alcoholic drinks market, more and more young consumer preferences in the style of wine, red wine, for this ethnic traditional liquor is not preferred. in this context, jiang young white wine available to destabilize the stance.

north canton river white wine with

♪ my dear wife drink today, i really miss you, drink with the brother told me that, after the first drink who would have thought that was his own favorite, this is called vino veritas? already threw up, close don 't come back.

in the best of age i met you, the place of someone i love, i love wine

jiang bai fen wine liquor 45 degrees

@ dad 's favorite even know you also like laobaigan, send you a bottle of youth version of the white river, certificate we have no gap ha!

fen river white cheap liquor 45 degrees

♪ buddy price don 't pit father, quality don 't discount, i am a river of white, small wine in fighter, oh yay!

joy and anger is not shaped in color, the wine, always make people forget the sorrow

mr. jiang white good fragrance small parting homemade liquor

♪ young artists out! don 't know white river is what east east „ „ white river is the youth version of jiangjin laobaigan.

river white small parting with wine fen wine

@ all eating fondue singing, sipping white paddle punch, i 'm art small young.

drink is not expensive, good wine is not drunk, this is the white river. also don 't hurry action, do my full range of literature and art of the virtue of it.

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