you 're in the slow drag their feet painting eyeliner? teach you a trick three steps to draw a good eyeliner, not only fast effect also good

you also in the slow drag their feet painting eyeliner? teach you a trick three steps to draw a good eyeliner, it is not only fast results is also pretty

don 't underestimate the eyeliner oh, although it is just a look at obscure lines, but if you can get eyes draw a good, but can be very good to change the size of your eyes, if you 're ever in slow painting eyeliner to drag their feet, it is a trick, let you simple three step can be painted has a beautiful eyeliner.

as a first step, with hand micro mention eyelids, in the first place at the end of the lashes near the top pupil draw a line, has been extended to the end of eye; the second step, from the inner eye location and began to paint, connected to the first step of the location; the third, micro speakers under the eye, so will make you look more spiritual.

so, in three simple steps can draw beautiful eyeliner, and instantly change your eyes size, also can according to their own preferences to change the shape of the eyes oh, look at the following models the weapon can 't help you.

les yeux waterproof eyeliner painted color

this paragraph slim eyeliner tip is very suitable for beginners to use, as long as gently with a pen, on the makeup more natural, don 't worry 'll eyeliner paint too thick.

investigation light color eyeliner 6 ml

investigation of this paragraph but to withdraw the name of easy to use, on the makeup is not easy blooming, even sweat, are not afraid of tears, or swimming.

hands prepare on a vessel, used and can take care of it and it was very easy for both upper and lower eyelids, thin a pen, water is more smooth.

qin color color eyeliner

want to much more persistent good point of can choose this paragraph of eyeliner, have been black, brown two kinds, you can according to their own needs or hair color for choice oh.

[H2] mondeo eyeliner

eyeliner is afraid of too much water has a lot of times, can 't do for half a day, making it easy for corona makeup, this 3 seconds of quick drying eyeliner pen is very good, waterproof and sweat effect bang bang of, also won 't smudge.

it is important to use them easily, so easy to use and affordable of the eyeliner, can help you out of more evenly smooth eyeliner to oh.

automatic eyeliner pen eye shadow pen glare

this paragraph is with sponge eyeliner pen, also can be used as eye shadow pen to use, 5 color can be choice, waterproof good effect, not more easy on the makeup.

jennifer ley eyeliner pencil under

this is also a dual pen, can when can when eyeliner eyebrow pencil, hard and soft moderate pen to use more convenient, color more easy, relatively persistent is also quite long.

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