You Haven’t Lived Until You’ve Seen The Outfits At Philadelphia’s Wing Bowl

The Wing Bowl is a fantastic/horrifying annual Philadelphia tradition.

In its 23rd year, it’s a chicken wing-eating contest that features an array of local contestants going up against national competitive eating talent.

Meet LUV HANDLES. He only made it through the first round and missed the second round by one wing. QUELLE DISASTRE!

This is Santa Dog and his entourage.

Santa Dog only technically ate ten hot dogs to make it into the wing bowl, which like, NBD. But the Wing Bowl organizers were impressed by the veracity of his overall crew and let him compete anyway.

These guys threw hot dogs at the crowd as they made their way around the stadium before the actual eating contest. The crowd then threw the hot dogs back at them. It did not end well.

And this is El Clownador.

He, sadly, did not make it very far in the competition but he was clearly very terrifying.

And this guy is the UKRAINE TRAIN.

Also, there are a lot of scantily clad ladies there.

A lot.

Some wear tape as clothing.

Just in case you were wondering.

Others dress as football players.

In deeply untenable footwear.

The ladies play a valuable part in the Wing Bowl theater: They act as Wingettes, there to support and cheer the Wing Bowl competitors for the day.

There’s a Miss Wingette competition during the Wing Bowl, which is very important.

This lovely lady competed but didn’t win. 🙁

But let’s also talk about the crowd.

The fearless party soldiers who committed to tailgating at 4 a.m.

And the true wing patriots.

So patriotic.

Really, really, patriotic.

The grown men who had no shame about wearing faux chicken wings on their heads.

Or going “full chicken.”

The guys who glammed it up.

And showed off their ~greatest~ assets.

They wore their best outfits.


We’re guessing this guy was going as Green Man. And also did not have time to take his pants off.

Perhaps their overalls were a little tight.

And maybe they hulked out a little too much.

But they never forgot what was most important:

(.)(.) Boobs.

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