you also in silly doodled eyeliner? teach you how to correctly use eyeliner makeup, the effect of good also very soon

you doodled in silly eyeliner? teach you how to correctly use eyeliner makeup, the effect of pretty fast

for the overall makeup for face, eye makeup is focused on, sometimes is very distressed hand revenant, because bad always painted eyeliner painting unloading, take off paint, is don 't master the laws, then mess. next let 's teach you lash skills.

try not to shake hands when painting eyeliner, with finger ventral resisted the upper eyelid, added to his eyes office painting point upward, so it looks like not messy, look eyes bigger.

then the most important thing is part of eyelashes, eyelash curved can enhance your beauty, coupled with the mascara can also zoom in your eyes, using the " z " shape drawing, eyelashes more beautiful.

zinfandel eyebrow stud

you should first make eyebrows painted good, put those soke clean after, start from his brow pencil with slowly draw, given good eyebrow, the tail should not be too long. this pencil is very good color, using the two design, comes with eyebrow brush. color lasting not blooming.

zinfandel eyeliner

this section eyeliner pen hard head, and if you are a beginner it is easy to grasp, compare not drawing deformation. face senior makeup adults are quite used to use of a product. easy to use and is the last word.

come and see renderings, really nice, very loose ends of painting, simply beautiful.

zinfandel cushion eye shadow pen

surely ultimately eyeshadow eye makeup, round nib design, trendy of lying silkworm shaped, easy to to get. easy to color is not blooming. double design, good intimate thing.

zinfandel three-dimensional color eyeshadow

like gradient eye shadow? don 't bother paint twice, just to get a gradient eye shadow, let your eyes looks more several layers of clothing, makeup white one eye is certainly on the phase.

gradient eye shadow has no love, this effect, small make up couldn 't help immediately to buy try it and see oh ~

zinfandel light trace elements written mascara

want lengthening thick eyelashes? look over here, just a coating, can pull the length of your eyelashes. of course, the first clip make your eyelashes curl, effects better oh.

zinfandel cream

eye on the time, fine lines and dark circles? this is a bad idea on the makeup, and what it entails is the use of concealer, steps more cumbersome, why not use this paragraph cream, can dilute with your dark circles eye bags, eye wrinkles fade. and moisturizing, also can firming eye skin.

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