yang to photograph sansei iii turned up in the airport, exposing her red oppo phone, beautiful ~

yang to photograph sansei iii turned up in the airport, exposing her red oppo mobile phone, lovely ~

recent yang fire again and took a sansei iii, yang recently a white shirt with black coat, black hat black sunglasses, appeared on the airport, while in her shawl, but her red cell phone but to attract everyone 's eye.

yang often used in airport or other public places this paragraph red Oppo R9s ah.

yang Mi the same paragraph R9s oppo mobile phone

Oppo R9s using 5.5 inch p screen, 4 gb ram + GB of memory storage combination, processors are 14nm process based on qualcomm snapdragon 625, SUPPORT VOOC flash charging, for the dual 16 million mega pixel camera.

beautiful mobile phone of course would like to more carefully care, let you choose a personality beautiful mobile phone shell cellphone icing on the cake.

oppor9s phone shell

comes with ring stand, ring stand with integrated phone shell, one of the mosaic, not easy to fall, both solid also secure. interpretation of the classic plating and stent with innovative, superior taste. reserved lanyard hole position, not only color value, convenient and practical.

bangshi OPPOR9S odd creative mobile phone shell

color metal border protection, after the film colorful beautiful fashion, luxury, tough, protective strong. at the top of the special signal openings, reducing signal obstacles.

regular outside shooting, or work, GIVE OPPOR coupled with a dedicated mobile phone battery clip back is a very practical, convenient oh.

oppoR9 dedicated charging treasure

born for OPPOR9S professional clip charging treasure, clip fully fit mobile phone, as if born of a, without any charging cable, plug and charge, don 't have to worry about travel forget to bring wireless power, you of your life is up to you, tour the world enjoy most.

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