woman stick to these objects, help you clean up garbage gut, and expel toxins

woman stick to these objects, help you clean up garbage gut, and expel toxins

pines dried longan longan

as early as in the han dynasty, when dried longan nourish liver and blood was used as a drug. as a result of dried longan is rich in Vitamin c, potassium, magnesium, copper and other trace elements, have to help in qi and blood.

kang meirui red bean barley flour barley

will be combined with barley red bean can be effective treatment of humid, heart overflow beans barley flour, featured high quality barley red bean, carefully polished, provide you taste good quality products, access to many women meal options.

fruits nuts oatmeal

oatmeal is through the role of the stool, oats can solve constipation on this issue, it also can improve the the circulation of blood. to ease the pressure of working and living, relieve pressure of ovary, fruit oatmeal is also added in the fruit, can vitamin supplements.

shandong gelatin instant

best way of eating is made of gelatin gelatin cake, delicious, nutrition, easy to carry. years of eating gelatin cake for a lady has a very good cosmetic effect, hair black, shiny, elastic, face no spots, wrinkles less, and tonic effect is good, can slow the aging.

old mill square black sesame walnut powder

usually eat more processed foods will look at this paragraph sesame walnut powder it, rich in dietary fiber, fine grinding technology, fragrant mellow taste, quality of material selection, careful than with, long-term consumption of walnuts and sesame big benefits for the body.

xinjiang specialty dried fruit grade raisins

xinjiang turpan origin, use the most natural way to dry out delicious without driers amelanotic genuine good wine! collections of plump, sweet and sour, sweet but not greasy., full of happiness, sweet sense of awesome.

freshly ground beans barley flour cereals

red bean barley flour, fine grinding, silty fine, elegant fragrance, lock live nutrition, delicate and easy to to brew, marked the beginning of poetic life, in the middle of a beautiful moments, it taste sweet. rich nutrition, more effectiveness to remove moisture.

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