woman don 't dull lipstick! makeup artist teach you a trick, a day does not fade without touching the glass is also pretty

woman don 't dull lipstick! makeup artist teach you a trick, a day does not fade without touching the glass is also pretty

lipstick is easiest to see a person 's looks, if you painted lipstick bad words, makeup is not docile could lead to you all day! look at the color value of the era, we must be pasted lipstick, today as a professional makeup artist small make up, he or she will share some very useful lipstick tricks!

1, first of all on the lipstick before, we would like to do for lip primer, primer what it entails is the use of? it 's definitely lip balm! lip balm in can quickly get rid of dead skin around the lips, to ensure more moist lips! 2, and then use hair dryer hot air blowing directly with lipstick, make color more good!

3, pay attention to when painting makeup lip, first along the lip color deepened, and then slowly to the inside filling color, at the end of the day, we can use a paper towel on the other side of the lips, sweep on less of hold!

yulin na moisturizing lip balm

everyone in the upper lip makeup before, we must remember, we must serve to daub lip balm primer, so in order to more convenient to our daily lip makeup docile of! moisturizing lip balm that you can try!

[H2] rozo matte lipstick

matte series lipstick, better able to lift us up as a matter of fact, the big red color, painted in the lip i can make you all show feminine side!

now the texture lipstick a more and more important, if daub lipstick looks very blunt words, you should begin to consider whether you want to replacement of lipstick!

fiona light lipstick lip

this paragraph has lipstick moist texture, is very nice! and the appearance of fine design, makes it really easy to carry, and the color can last for all day, it is very easy to use!

european honey na crayon lipstick

you may not have heard of it is you can use it as eye shadow lipstick? this section of lipstick is able to as lipstick eye shadow, a thing dual, a very cost effective!

woman 's awfully bad, most of the time this is all your lipstick 's decision; if you have lipstick applicator good job, flew color become more spirit!

ya madi ryukyu golden color lipstick

when eating, do you or do you not fear lipstick fade as a matter of fact, you can try this paragraph discoloration series lipstick, can fit with your lips, not easy to fade, more easily contaminated with cup!

while for some people love jelly lipstick also is what the hell was that? lipstick jelly texture is very comfortable, soft, very comfortable! and the color is also very unique oh!

liz jelly lipstick

want effective moisturizing lip color, then you can use this section of lipstick, its moisturizing texture very suitable for used on the makeup, and transparent paste, base with more rest assured!

love lipstick

recently our hottest makeup lip also wanted to count every bite lip makeup, yaochun makeup can order as a whole she looks more sexy! big red lipstick give you recommend this paragraph, suitable for daily work or leisure yo!

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