wireless camera–housekeeping nursing homes and more peace of mind

wireless camera—-housekeeping nursing homes more secure

as the saying goes: not afraid of thieves steal, afraid of thieves misses. home, shop, car, you can 't always staring at, you need a pair of eyes, for you look in real time

latest hot selling wireless camera, have raised the security capacity of many home and shop, day and night let the thief tenterhooks, does not dare to take reckless action

wifi mini wireless webcam

this miniature camera hidden sexual strong, have no net net so look, in the absence of light in the region also can be taken, and does not emit light, mobile phone live view remotely in real time, it is possible to remotely a keys off indicator light, avoid giving rise to pay attention to.

super mini webcam hd wireless miniature

the phone can be real time viewing, compact and portable, is difficult to find that no matter who assumes office, monitoring, or photographed object went off the rails, it is very good weapon, image more clear.

unlimited camera functionality and practicality of the incomparable, coupled with mini shape is the most used wei shi family.

hd night vision mini camera

this miniature camera covert resistance, is not easy to find, regions as well can be taken in the absence of light, and does not emit light, mobile phone live view remotely in real time, it is possible to remotely a key off indicator lamp, pay attention to avoid incurring

chang home new wireless camera

this wireless camera easy to install, can be mobile phone remote viewing, with a voice and motion detection call the police, but also computer remote video, even if for any occasion all can at any time to watch video, anti thief love your two not mistake.

with the development of science and technology, now of wireless camera, even if the memory card is removed, also don 't the relationship. because the image data has already transmitted to the binding mobile phone.

new wireless camera vr panorama

this paragraph the biggest feature is the panorama, could be more comprehensive to see every corner of the house, split screen watch more clear.

an upgraded version of the wireless camera

when the monitoring regional when moving objects, camera will automatically open the video function, and camera and remote push the alarm. support ptz control, level can be rotated 355 degrees, vertical can be rotated 120 degrees, so the monitor no dead.

the field trip was not at home? out of something not at the store? away on business and not in the company? don 't bother, with this camera, constant control over every move home

jeweled wireless camera

this paragraph support image flip mirror, C6H detected after the moving objects, can automatically capture its trajectory, tracking filming, and push the phone notification and video in real time, who also escaped the discernment of C6H. also can be real time way voice intercom.

[H2] p outdoor wireless network surveillance camera

this section with dual wifi ANTENNA, to connect with more stable, even though no one router, also can be directly even, 50 meters night vision, matt zone also see clear. ip66 waterproof rating, not afraid of rain and snow weather.

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