white shoes become old yellow ugly? teach you a clean coup, shoes easy bright as new

white shoes become old yellow ugly? teach you a clean coup, shoes comfortable white as new

white shoes not dirt, it is very easy to become old yellow, small make up i could teach you a clean wonderful strokes, shoes easy bright as new.

resurrection of water, with a cotton ball hits the resurrection of water, gently wipe the stains of the secretariat, the effect of visible.

talcum powder, surface is coated with a layer of white shoes, used to dust. remember every once in a while and then covered with a layer, shaking off the excess.

white shoes decontamination unit

want to thoroughly clean white shoes, you need to use this paragraph whitening cleansing agent. clean, whitening two not mistake. gently wipe, can remove stubborn stains. unique sponge brush, it is very convenient to use.

decontamination whitening cleanser

this paragraph made of high quality milk whitening cleanser, directly cover white shoes yellowed local. efficacy of durable, stain and easy to quickly solve the problem. sports shoes, leather shoes, shoes are applicable.

shampoo, contaminated with brush on temperature for 40 degrees of water, and then coated in shampoo brush clean shoes surface, and finally a towel net.

skillet double wash shoe brush

a handy brush indispensable, this paragraph of plastic shoe, extension of the handle, the use of more convenient to use. the most unique place is, there are three sides of the hair, plays a different role.

decontamination wash shoe brush

dense bristles, decontamination of the speed. even at the corners of the shoes, the brush can clean to, brush clean inside and out. can also be used to brush clothes, countertop, sink etc.

if white shoes have yellow, and can powder for cleaning shoes, wrap it up in paper placed in ventilation office air dry.

white shoes whitening

save the yellowish white shoes, just one step, use this bottle of detergent. add a leather care ingredients inside, can effectively retard leather yellow. nontoxic, health use. easy one touch, there is no longer a stain.

plastic soft bristle laundry brush

a versatile cleaning brush, in addition to brush shoes outside, can also be used to brush bath, washbasin. some clothing, use this brush to brush, easily remove stains. handle design intimate, holding more comfortable.

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