when i was a kid 's favorite snack, now i 'm afraid will eat less than a

childhood favorite snack, and now i 'm afraid will eat less than

i don 't know if you saw the familiar not familiar, belonging to our memories of the 1980s s

brushed, kid 's favorite snacks, at a time when to eat have a root take out half licking

kiss shrimp spree

kiss shrimp, or familiar with the taste of, and be familiar with packaging, each eat are sucking fingers

nostalgic childhood snacks spicy gluten meat knives

when a dime a meat knives, also can let people eating a mouthful of oil flow, pocket somebody has to go out and buy a bag of money in

when you have this mimi, is also used to pet it, eat it just won 't stop.

honey casual traditional snack glutinous rice

this section of my childhood snacks dessert, i don 't know how many times i have on hand comfort of mind, to the now eat up quite enjoyably

five chestnut soup chestnut jelly jelly beans

this chestnut soup, but when i was a kid to eat one of the most a paragraph, there is a good variety of flavors, my favorite is hawthorn taste of, very delicious

look at this map, may have brought back memories of a single generation, think of when i was a kid, mom beside the waiting to blow out to eat

dalian fried shrimp

no fried until is hard, crisp and delicious after fried, carries with it a deep fried the smell of food, so that the people could not help but saliva, kid 's favorite

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