wear turtleneck sweater fashion this year, make you handsome cool dress a set of

wear turtleneck sweater fashion this year, let your dress handsome cool with a set of

japanese retro high collar pullover sweater

light gray look very simple and comfortable sweater pattern special good, was slightly loose a bit lazy feel, won 't feel bloated upper body special good match, can be worn alone or with the trench coat, also can be used with padded, in connection with a pair of slim pants pants on it ~

loose bat sleeve solid color turtleneck sweater

this is a section of the korean version of the bat sleeve loose solid color turtleneck sweater, very a paragraph of the classic wild loose volume version of sweater, bat sleeve design, fashion solid color, let the whole people of small fresh fresh a up ~

thick turtleneck sweater with high collar can be turned

head can turn turtleneck sweater, loose casual, it is now with the super popular hippocampus wool, velvet texture, good warmth retention property is also breathable, turtleneck keeps not deformation, simple and stylish!

half a turtleneck sweater thick sweater

half turtleneck sweater thick winter essential ~ ~ if winter comes just need a pieces such as sweater, half high collar design knitting wool thick, upper body very warm, with jeans, trousers or make a coat out inside the ride are particularly good, out mirror the extremely high rate of a paragraph.

gray turtleneck pullover sweater

although the turtleneck sweater has a history of 600, but still diminished fashion, whether it 's lapel wear buy or collar wear, can wear out fashion fashion paragraph of ~ ~

korean version of the thick thick turtleneck sweater

korean version of the loose knit turtleneck sweater slits, colours of inclusions in a kind of feeling of snow, upper body super handsome shape, pocket design also feel very korean fan children!

solid backing turtleneck sweater

this is a solid color turtleneck sweater knits all neatly arranged outrageous, texture soft close, comfortable at the same time ensure the normal cleansing of skin can not afford the ball to; but this sweater turtleneck can be folded, all of a sudden i just change a style.

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