wear gold wear silver also want to keep abreast of the times? now wear this

wear gold wear silver also want to keep abreast of the times? now wear this

from the traditional culture of our country came to see, gold is undoubtedly the treasure. the traditional culture of china, yellow is considered expensive gas color, wearing jewellery is noble, generous symbol; secondly the benefits of wearing a gold is also reflected in wear with regard, people believe that gold is rich people jewelry of choice!

bohemia fitness sports bracelet

heavy metals and collision of young brother, isn 't it can produce sparks! also became popular among such a match, fashion tide male with metal bracelet, as this one of the main push models summer, isn 't it can capture large male god 's heart, let us wait and see!

original handmade ebony bracelets

with japan and south korea style retro bracelet ebony! your disc have nothing other than round beads bracelets, you can have this ebony square plate bracelets? ebony after a long after absorbing and surface friction will become bright, almost black or often with black beautiful stripe is also becoming increasingly clear!

wear gold and silver jewelry without obvious shortcomings, but in light of china 's traditional culture, belong to the wood life best don 't wear gold and silver jewelry, because金克木. if discomfort such as special care for feng shui, you can feel at ease wearing.

[H2] vishi exclusive homemade pure solid brass square beads

this is a paragraph of pure brass bracelet rock style! why did he choose such bracelet recommended? because now after 90 of the young people in pursuit of wild nature of the self, with young fashion rock style bracelet can be good for them!

now young people no longer likes to wear gold wear silver, but to have fun beads bracelets! they believe bracelets is not only a kind of belief, and at the same time is also a kind of fun, but also help them to calm impetuous mood!

taihang thuja authentic bracelets full of tumor scar

selection of high oil density taihang thuja! elegant fragrance, handcrafted, with material along the lines of, unity is its high oil density, size of basic characteristics of! take this string of thuja brought to the wrist in addition to outside the usual can play disc, thuja circulated by itself fragrance can also be cool!

small king kong pu tizi bracelets

from natural king kong pu tizi, selective, and as a result of processes, fine handmade, only to create a stylish and refined this king kong bodhi bracelet! it inherited the spirituality of the pu tizi, fashionable appearance makes it capable of peanut without being tacky!

those are all High-end of bracelets, couple of these models are described below more personalized, but for the others a certain status at the same time have their beliefs in friends, several models may be more appropriate for wimpy you!

complex guke luo star titanium steel bracelet

crowe star cross titanium steel bracelet retro domineering! titanium steel makes us wonder about the lift is hard and strength, like this as the male masculine气盛, strong and not easily bend! such a big momentum could be nothing less than a crude belt into the hands of the watch!

genuine xingyue pu tizi

when it comes to young people seems could consider starting with a string, make a necklace with a t-shirt, or when the summer wear a short sleeve wear on the wrist so a natural is also very good ~

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