We Watched Episode 7, Season 7 Of “PLL” And Had Many Thoughts

1. I still cant get over that these girls hang out in an old hospital where they nearly got killed more than once.

2. Lol, and Emily works there.

3. “I wanna put the people who’ve had my back, before anyone else,” Spencer says, with Hanna fervently agreeing.

4. That’ll last about 5 seconds until Caleb comes along again.

5. OMG cryptic A.D. note. Spooky.

6. A.D. knows everything bitches, why do you look so shocked?

7. I love how the police walk in and straight away the girls act nuts.

8. Don’t be suspicious, dooooon’t be suspicious.

9. Oh yeah these cops must be here for Sara, I already forgot all about that.

10. I really doubt that a random innocent bystander could give Emily that information before the cops even go upstairs.

11. Um, Jenna where are your glasses?

12. Wait, were Sara and Jenna sleeping together?

13. “Didn’t they just meet?” Idk Spencer, to be honest you’d probably cry if Detective Wrath or Fury or whatever his name had died.

14. “Sara said Jenna isn’t the one we should be afraid of!” MUST BE TRUE THEN, because Sara loved telling the truth!



17. Bring back all the wine moms pls.

18. Whatever happened to Emily’s swimming?

19. Toby using the word tenacity. He’s really growing up!


21. Why do the old scenes of Jenna and Toby seem weirdly flirty and full of sexual tension.

22. Also Jenna is blind AF why is she watching fireworks?

23. “Toby, I’m afraid there are some things I can’t see,” lol yes bitch, you’re blind.

24. Wait did she just try to kiss him? How strange. What kind of development??

25. “Why didn’t you ever tell me that your stepsister tried to kiss you after we had broken up and I was living in a different city?” – Spencer. Yeah Toby, WHY?

26. Oh, what’s the emergency call Toby’s getting?

27. “That’s your address!” Spencer has to state the obvious because she probs thinks Toby is too dumb to realise.

28. Omg Jason!

29. Or Jesus, whatever.

30. Look at that hair and stubble. I assume this is the show’s way of telling us that his life is a mess, the same way they did with Ezra.

31. I’ve 100% forgotten his whole backstory. I can’t remember where he went, or if he’s shady or not.

32. Was he working for the Carisimi group or did I just make that up?


34. Jason is honestly the only one talking sense on this show.

35. Ali, don’t let Emily hear you say that you have no one. That girl would literally jump off a building for you. Lord knows why though.

36. Yvonne got beat up, daaaayuuumn.

37. Bet she loves the thought of her fiancé’s ex lurking around the hospital, waiting for him.

38. Woowwowowow this is quite a lot of wedding planning already, didn’t they get engaged LAST NIGHT?

39. PLL timelines way off again.

40. Cute Ezra, everyone loves a guy freaking out just after he’s proposed.

41. Relationship goals: My fiancé asking me quizzically if I killed someone while deep down not giving a shit.

42. Yes stealthy queen Hanna back at it again with the sneaking around.

43. But honestly did she believe that Jenna would just leave her shit lying around?


45. Can’t wait for these two to hook up again.

46. “Your mom hired me to be the hotel security” – Caleb, how many goddamn jobs do you want?

47. He really does well for someone who never finished high school.

48. “I don’t think what happened to Sara was an accident.” Wow these Rosewood boys are so smart.

49. WAIT HANG ON. I only just realised that Ali’s initials ARE ALSO A.D. SUSPICIOUS?

50. Aria getting booty calls from Jason just like old times.

51. Um. Noel lurking in the chair. What.

52. Can’t he just go to the bar like a normal person.

53. “Hi Emily… I always knew you’d never get out of Rosewood” – Noel Kahn clearly ordered a glass of Sauvagé, 2012.

54. It would appear that Jason is the only person on this show who remembers that briefly, Liam existed.

55. Oh so Jason was travelling? That’s why he was AWOL?

56. Explains the beard, obviously people who are backpacking can’t maintain themselves.

57. What is this weird Aria and Jason chemistry? Did they have a thing and I forgot about it?


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