water can live for hydroponic plants, help you purify indoor air

water can live for hydroponic plants, help you purify indoor air

crowns green hydroponic indoor bonsai ficus ginseng

super easy to keep the hydroponic plants, ginseng ficus, pachira, god of the sun, aloe vera, rich bamboo, evergreen, water will be able to live, root health clean. changed once a week water, placed in the home office etc are all good choices.

crowns green hydroponic plants potted palm

pink four seasons flowering, flowering period is as long as two to three months, hydroponic good support, changed once a week water, 2 fertilizer applied once a month. most suitable for lazy people to keep the flowers, the evolution of air, absorb formaldehyde. brighten up your home.

crowns green hydroponic lucky bamboo bonsai

lucky bamboo hydroponic, easy to keep and easy to live. ornamental value is extremely high, can long-term placed in indoor, greening and decorate a room. at the same time to purify the air.

crowns podocarpus bonsai green self absorption glass basin

will nature to give people in love with life. easy to keep and easy to live of lazy pot, beautify the environment, clean air. podocarpus elegant tall and straight, like a mini small forest.

money pocket hydroponic plants flower pot

soil polyculture of lazy pot, money pocket, white palm, red pineapple. watering worry, can be oh fish were raised. beautify the environment, but also you a fresh air.

crowns large green glass bottle lucky bamboo plants potted

lucky bamboo is also called dragon bamboo, bamboo body growth slightly uneven because of the weather, and this will not affect the growth and ornamental. inserted in the water can be, easy to keep and easy to live.

pachira indoor plants bonsai hydroponic plants

pachira green stems leaves throughout the year, is very popular in the indoor foliage plants, seedlings branches soft resistance, pruning. lazy polyculture of soil animals and plants, the water changed once a week.

crowns green summer mosquito repellent bonsai murraya paniculata

murraya paniculata plant branches of beautiful, beautiful foliage, fragrance of a flower rich, evergreens, oil green computer look tired a look at the flowers could protect your eyes well.

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