very suitable on the balcony of a flowering plants, clean air and beautiful, neighbors saw exceedingly envious

very fit on the balcony of a flowering plant, clean air and beautiful, neighbors saw exceedingly envious

daoguajingou lantern flower

fuchsia lantern flower is also called snuff, its form like its name backwards as growth there, like well drained and sandy soil loose, like the sun, flower lantern for herbaceous perennial flowers, petals and leaves were oval lanceolate, near the fleshy, although lantern flower blooming beautiful but does not stand since the hot灼烤.

mulberry henna beisi

mulberry beisi early flowering, easy cultivation, beisi mulberry petals were terrible, two leaves opposite overlap and duplication grown together, mulberry beisi have salmon red, purplish red, orange red, several kinds of color for you to choose the purple, mulberry beisi growing, flowering period long, summer very resistant, sung beisi fit on the balcony and courtyard inside.

blending zinnia zinnia

zinnia flower petals neatly arranged in a circle around the oval, middle yellow flower embellished with whole plant zinnia, there are a variety of colors for our choice, rose red zinnia, zinnia pink, orange zinnia also red zinnia, zinnia belonging to a year of growth, primarily in the spring bloom.

potted flowers rieger

begoniaceae alias begonia begonia seeds, glass, four seasons begonia leaves and leaf oval eggs from a wide round trip, basal obliquus, petals and there are several colors such as red, pink and white, four seasons begonia likes the sun, slightly耐荫, afraid of the cold, begonia commonly used way of breeding seeding or cuttings, four seasons begonia suitable placed in the living room.

geranium purple core

geranium heliophilous, cool humid climate, can do half overcast, cultivation environment to ensure the sunny, geraniums petals were circular sector, neatly arranged around in a circle, geraniums petals color large in part by the dark purple composition, outside the bag there is a circle of white, special clear texture of geranium, very easy to feed.

balcony potted flower petunia petals

this paragraph petals petunia plants have small plants, plant type and tidy, branch characteristics of compact, showy flowers spend lots of neon, petal color from purple to transition to white to the outer rotating folding type blooming, petals petunia plants belonging to the sunshine, long flowering period, cold and heat and good, resistance and strong.

mini carnations plants small

carnations are perennial flowers, like sunshine, suitable for growing inside in the environment of 10 degrees to 25 degrees, flowering in spring and autumn period, petals fold around in a circle, mini carnations for on the balcony, window and living room and other places, is very beautiful. carnation flower paragraph belongs to a very easy to feed.

verbena seed mixing pot

verbena belongs to perennial herbaceous flowers, beautiful gesture, color rich, colorful, when they are in full bloom like flowers, little clump of verbena plants closely, flower fan seyan, flowering part was a corymbose shaped, color have white, red, blue and other colors, and very strong, verbena for potted ornamental or furnished bed reading glasses.

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