Usher Is The Daddy We Need And Deserve Right Now

It’s no secret that Usher — the legendary R&B singer — has always been an absolute babe.

And after killing it in the record industry for more than 20 years, one thing’s for sure: He only gets better looking with age.

That said, Mr. Raymond’s dashing looks have never been more apparent than when he posted a devastatingly gorgeous ~thirst trap~ yesterday. Only click reveal if you’re prepared for your eyes to witness unparalleled beauty.

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How blessed are we to live in the world at the same time as Usher?

Just get into his taut arms, his handsome face, and of course, his NOICE v-cut. ????


This isn’t the first time he’s appealed to the thirsty folks of the internet. Back in April, Usher posted a nude selfie to Snapchat, because he gives the people what they want.

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BRB — will return when I am less parched. ????

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