Trump Uses Doctored Video To Connect Protester To ISIS

Donald Trump repeatedly claimed Saturday that a man who rushed the stage during a rally in Dayton, Ohio, was “ISIS-related.” It appears, however, that the GOP frontrunner was instead fooled by an old, fake video meant to mock the man.

The man, Thomas Dimassimo, was arrested by Secret Service, then released later Saturday. Trump said numerous times during a rally in Kansas City, Missouri, that the man had connections to ISIS and harshly criticized his release.

To prove there was an ISIS connection, Trump tweeted a video allegedly from Dimassimo that purportedly showed he had sympathy with the terror organization.
But the alleged ISIS video actually appears to have been cobbled together from old footage in an attempt to troll Dimassimo.

The video shows footage of Dimassimo from a protest at Wright State University.

That footage, however, appears to be lifted from a video Dimassimo himself seems to have posted to YouTube. Dimassimo’s video lacks the music and images typical of ISIS productions. The description also states that the protest was done in solidarity with Eric Sheppard, a Valdosta State University student who made headlines in 2015 for standing on an American flag.

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