traditional yixing purple clay cup has been left behind, so now everybody loves a cup, home office need

traditional yixing purple clay cup has been left behind, so now everybody loves a teacup, home need office

jingdezhen cup filter

this is a fine filter cup, with the atmosphere of the blue and white painting, is very exquisite. cup design and built-in filter, tea is very convenient!

jingdezhen ceramic dragon cup

this paragraph is jingdezhen ceramic dragon cup, with delicate and exquisite pattern, very atmospheric. cup there are many design can choose, very nice!

upscale jade porcelain tea cup

this is a premium line of the owner of the cup, underglaze with exquisite craft, is very exquisite. cup to use very face, surface bright, feel warm.

personal ceramic kung fu tea cup

this is ceramic kung fu cup small, has a simple personality style design. its surface is very moist, painting pattern with a touch of zen flavor.

office tea cup jingdezhen

this paragraph is office tea cup, with the appearance of atmospheric images. which handle design is very convenient, coupled with exquisite decorative pattern, don 't miss this section oh good cup.

darongshan hall tea cup glass homes

this paragraph is the darongshan hall of glass cup, and its thermal effect is very good. hammer texture decorative glass with a vintage, there is very high end face, you have to try it!

office cup with lid

this is a ceramic material of cup, design simple, price also very cheap. scenery painting above very have artistic conception, very suitable for office use.

crystal tea cup heat

this paragraph is not rules of hammer cup, with exquisite minimalist style. cup is high temperature firing, and health, using it is very interesting, and heat effect fine.

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