traditional of the tachograph is outdated, but now it is popular that several models car supplies

traditional of the tachograph is outdated, but now it is popular that several models car supplies

are you still using the traditional old fashioned it traffic driving recorder, front only recorder alone picture, but quality is not clear can only be used to put pengci.

technology is constantly developing, recorder also towards intelligent, vehicle market popular now that a few car supplies.

yushchenko 7 inch screen x700 smart rearview mirror tachograph

this section is a smart driving recorder xianke, set car navigation, voice voice, fixed speed electronic one of the dogs, it can not only before and after the double page also has a reverse image features such as, sure enough is full of " black science and technology ".

yushchenko g70 hd dual lens tachograph

this is one of the tachograph selling xianke paragraph, can not only front and rear dual record, but also has side image function, cost than full.

if you prefer to drive long distances of jeepers, cell phone or car supplies will often use power supply, power supply on is a very big problem, how can there be so many interface power supply?

yushchenko dual usb car charger

one with two car charger cigarette lighter can be a cigarette is divided into two usb equipment function, but also can charge their cell phones, more indicative vehicle power supply the use of space.

yushchenko car gps positioning alarm

are you still worried about your car was stolen? the car after installation of this paragraph locator, it can not only put enquiry through THE app, can also be used for mobile phone wire and telephone tapping, very practical.

you are still using the traditional wax for car care, traditional and waxing the car and exhausting, and maintenance time is also just a short one or two months or so.

authentic transformers bumblebee car coating agent kit crystal statue

whether there are main for paint maintenance toil? bumblebee coating agent not only your own simple construction is good, but once more can keep 3-6 coating months of time, but also can enhance the brightness of the paint, brought to the paint anticorrosion oxidation of role, than traditional wax construction is more simple, keep for longer.

xianke automobile car air purifiers

this car air purifier using activated carbon triple filter, clean more thoroughly. release negative ions, feel fresh air. beautiful style easy to operate, can be widely applied to various local, allowing you to fully feel the rhythm of life and wonderful.

now not to install a car tire pressure detection instrument, also can 't run fast, in case on wheels in the highway traffic accidents may be caused it serious.

yushchenko x7 external solar power tire pressure detection instrument

tire pressure is about the importance of safe driving factors, may appear uneven pressure wheel brake deviation, accelerate the issues such as wear and tear. therefore must be ready real time monitoring tire pressure gauge for the car pressure, prevention is better than cure!

yushchenko s7 cloud fixed mobile speed electronic dog

this paragraph is xianke research and development of electronic dog, is not only famous brands, and speed electronic dog can precisely to 97%, current highest accuracy within the industry is only 98%. but also can automatically update data, very practical.

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