traditional household electric kitchen as early as outdated, the giant now popular is the national electric kitchen, multifunctional super smart

traditional household electric kitchen as early as outdated, the giant now popular is the national electric kitchen, multifunctional super smart

the food is always hard to find as a matter of fact, cooking is not difficult, according to the recipes anyone would do, but do it is no friend to do good. isn 't it weird, that 's because your choice intelligent electric kitchen without friends oh.

[H2] Midea/beauty cooker household

3d diamond panel, beautiful atmosphere. spill steam valve, not overflow, easy to clean. thick crust tripod kettle, three-dimensional heating, rice evenly, fragrant air q bomb.

electric rice cookers for the invention of the reduced time spent on cooking a lot of families. can choose to set a variety of functions in a very small rice cooker, so not only can save money, can also be effective use of space at home. rice cooker not only have the function of cooking, porridge, well versed in stew.

[H2] midea/beauty electric pressure cooker pressure cooker intelligent

integrally molded panel, atmosphere, and easy to clean. stainless steel kettle thick liner, safety and health; food braised cloud recipes, to enjoy what you want. commonly used function one key operation, easy to save.

electric pressure cooker with other cooking utensils unmatched advantages, can to meet the multiple cooking requires, fast, safe, automatic achieve a variety of cooking methods, saving energy, nutritional characteristics of modern people the pursuit of direction.

[H2] midea/beauty household slow juicer

america 's new flagship juice machine, and take the lead in paragraph double spinning mill is screw type screw, make fruit and vegetable crushing line longer, more pure juice, juice rate and extent of the wet and dry pomace ahead of the conventional machine.

[H2] midea/beauty electric kettle insulation

unique electronic display, real time temperature display. paragraph four intelligent temperature control, make tea, milk foam, insulation long, get up in the middle of the night without waiting for the milk foam. with a key in addition to chlorine purification function, effectively eliminate the residual chlorine in water, allowing you to have a drink at the good health water.

juice machine low speed of screw extrusion technology, extrusion speed as low as possible, general juice machine rotation speed per minute 75 turn left and right, benefit people of this section of the original juice machine speed 43 per minute turn, like crowded like towel will slowly squeeze out juice, does not destroy the fruit cell structure, and fruit nutrition is preserved.

[H2] midea/beauty electric cooker white porcelain

stew soup casserole soup flavor with completely different, very fragrant and delicious, you deserve to own it. the inner wall of the pot is 304 stainless steel, rack is stainless steel, there is a big two small three ceramic slow cooker, you can according to their own need to choose.

[H2] midea/beauty bread machine household automatic

beautiful appearance, no baking tube design, clean up more convenient. whole feel very High-end lcd screen, as well as automatic sprinkle and placed the function of yeast is human nature, to do out of the bread soft and delicious.

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