time, colorful, plain living, a flower of a grass vine

time, colorful, plain living, a flower of a grass climbing

article bauhinia full red indoor and outdoor potted plants planted

warm with a tree, more hardy. like light, a little shade. hi fertile, well drained soil, not damp. sprout strong, resistance to cutting. bauhinia in gardens often used as scrubby, pruning of it from the start raising seedlings should be strengthened, in order to facilitate the and create a good plant type

garden seedlings cherry trees

japanese sakura flowers because of the deeply welcome, widely cultivated in japan, together with the symbol of the royal family and chrysanthemum designated as japan 's national flower. nara prefecture吉野山most famous cherry blossom, it is known as the " thousands of yoshino cherry

imported european rose tree when flowering

bright color, smell fragrant, is fragrant color and with the ornamental flowers. bow shaped into half climbing, rack clings to follow into various forms, should is arranged on the flower, plaid,辕门, in places such as displaying, leafy summer flowers, there is " leaves and green tent weight, pus flowers red brocade zhang " of the scenery, can also control into a small shrubby, cultivated for flower

big crape myrtle family villa

young crape myrtle tree trunks, raw skin from year to year, year after year and peel off automatically, skin peeling hereafter, trunk looks fresh glossy. older crape myrtle trees, trunks don 't raise skin, tendons and very exposed. ying slip with a smooth finish. crape myrtle trees grew up hereafter, trunk crust down, smooth without skin

europe may flowering seasons cycle

roses faceplate萼筒around the mouth, have white, yellow and other colors. hua xie sepals sepals after peel off; fruit for sphere.

wintersweet plum blossom tree stump pot

in park, greenbelt, garden, scenic spot, can be solitary planting, clump planting,群植etc; also can be in front, on the slope, interpersonal, roadside stone natural sik. if using evergreen trees or colored buildings as background, more can bring out the plum blossom of yujiebingqing

fragrant lilac flowers bauhinia potted flowering cycle of 320 days

lilac, also known as lilac genus, is a deciduous shrub or small tree of the genus, for the most part used for ornamental, part of the types of flowers can mention made of fragrant oil. lilac love warm, humid and sunny environment. slightly shade, shade or semi shade grown weak, fewer flowering

fragrans osmanthus fragrans plant garden

one is a traditional chinese top osmanthus flower, greening, landscaping, incense set in one of the watch with practical fine landscape tree species in both, osmanthus can clear to pull, concentrated can far overflow, called a in any way. especially the autumn season, gui bushes in full bloom, the dead of night on the occasion of the round, the wine赏桂, chen xiang tangy, a lively

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