thuja behind the man playing hand pieces prices

behind the man playing hand pieces thuja prices

taihang thuja hand pieces

at the end of 2014, " cliff " upstart " suddenly became man playing favorites community ". in a number of collectors of wechat weibo and circle of friends, and articles relating to the introduction of thuja emerge in an endless stream, all of a sudden sales soar, soaring prices.

thuja ornaments wood carving guan gong river feed

thuja plants attributes: boke thuja plants of the genus, located in mainland china of taihang mountain cliff, grows in areas of more than 1,500 metres above sea level, has not yet been a study on introduction and cultivation of manually.

surrounded by laughing taihang thuja bracelets

thuja peculiar shape, curved, smart, high density wood, oily, and there have been some rich of cypress wood fragrance, thereby becoming the carving, carving the best material, and has been playing favorites community sought.

taihang thuja hand pieces

analysis of causes of thuja prices, have the following a few points: 1, and as a result of their appearance, texture, both in terms of flavor with other timber species of incomparable superiority, therefore, attracts more and more the involvement of private capital.

tumor scar thuja wood carving ornaments

2, scarcity, thuja growing on the cliff, undergo hundreds of thousands of years of trials and hardships can form, and is currently unable to artificial cultivation.

with natural thuja carving figures ornaments

3, supply and demand relationship of the impact, of thuja with non renewable raw materials, with the mining will become more and more less, so the price also is normal.

taihang thuja tumor scar tumor flower birds eye

4, by the impact of the relevant legal provisions, the price of red wood fired too high, mahogany investment funds are eager to seek new alternatives, so some investors will target turned to thuja.

thuja hand pieces wood carving ganoderma wishful

5, five are millionaires and celebrities of thuja bracelets sought, this mainly from the beginning in the year of the pig, that year the popular wear chuan chu (homophonic pigs), blessing of the mean. regal and stars, which are supposed to wear a string of beads, otherwise considered to be behind the times.

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