This Sydney Obstacle Course Literally Involves Running From Zombies

After launching in Baltimore in 2011, Run For Your Lives is coming to Sydney. The run, which will take place in Abbotsbury on Saturday, September 5 sees entrants make their way through a “zombie-infested” obstacle course.

“Run For Your Lives is a fun run with a twist,” Action X CEO Arthur Lin and COO Timothy Tan tell BuzzFeed Life. “It was festered in the US, where the team thought it would be fun for runners to be running away from something. Zombies emerged as the number one choice for being the most thrilling character to be running away from. Aliens were a close second.”

Beyond America – where over 12,000 people showed up to the first event – runs have been held in Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia and Thailand.

Registration is now open for the Sydney run – with tickets starting at $59 – so now’s the time to enroll and start training if you’re keen.

According to Lin and Tan, interval training is the best way to get in shape before the run, explaining that the best way to ~survive~ is through phases of sprinting and jogging.

Not completely convinced you want to pay to run away from people dressed like zombies? Check out this video – then make up your mind.

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