this paragraph 8 headphones sound awesome, instant wake up your ears

this paragraph 8 headphones sound awesome, instant wake up your ears

great topic of headset, where to start? generally speaking from the classification, i 'm here to talk about classification it.

bass ear headphones

earphones line using 2mm diameter wire, internal high purity oxygen free copper conductor 32 root, wound does not tie them in a knot. rich bass, restore the vison effect, better sound integration among them, only for better sound quality.

bass headset

selection of high strength copper winding coil, not only to enhance the transient response of the headset, more can extend the vocal module the use of life. hidden in the form of high sensitivity microphone, whether recorded songs or voice chat are great.

the first category is the headset headphones and earplugs each of these two general types. on the one hand, the former english is The headphones Or Headset, Earbuds Earphones or english is the latter.

music headphones headset

visible high color value, using the piano paint technology, stylish minimalist design sense. use friendly high protein leather, with good bacteria leak sound performance, suitable for a long time to wear not tired.

long triangle ear headphones

designated professional tuner tuning, wraparound in-ear design, designed for music lovers design, using the rigid and flexible materials earbud loudspeaker diaphragm, reduce the loss of voice and increases the sound output.

this is two sizes, uses, there are striking disparities in the voice of broad categories. i usually say " when " means the headset earphones headphones, not including earplugs.

headset with a microphone headset

like playing video games with you, mustn 't miss this paragraph earphones, headset design, comfortable to wear, don 't worry about the fall, shock type stereo sound, give you the most carefree experience in the video game world.

ear metal earphone headset

amazing sound clear treble, bass shock, is your best choice of listening to music. folding headset adopt shatterproof material, retractable design, make wearing more comfortable. adjustable volume tuning convenient.

if is refers specifically to the ear, the word i would use " ear ". in other words i don 't have to " headphones " this term to cover both types of headphones and earplugs products. is headset headphones, earplugs earplug is.

ear sports type ear headphones

balance after tuning, joining the new original sound emission reduction is, we should fully tap the potential of headphones. innovative unique ear cavity design, not only comfortable to wear, and effectively improve the earthquake film area.

headset wireless headset

intelligent wireless connection function, mp3 card function radio function, wired and wireless dual. folding portable design, elegant piano paint process scratch, polymer battery safety explosion faster.

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