this paragraph 8 domestics skincare big price cuts, both cheap and easy to use, do not miss the

this paragraph 8 domestics skincare big price cuts, both cheap and easy to use, do not miss the

magic senior odd fans beauty honey

highly wettability absorbed by the skin, can inhibit the batch of skin pigmentation, anti skin wrinkle occurred. long-term use can make the skin soft, delicate, elastic.

bee flower CONDITIONER 1l

contains natural wheat protein conditioner ingredient such as, can nourish moisturizing hair, improve the damaged hair, make hair moist bright, supple and smooth, and easy to comb, elegant orchid aroma let your hair to maintain a pleasant fragrance.

kang tingrui hyaluronic acid liquid 30 ml

replenish the body 's lack of hyaluronic acid, improve skin water, moisturizing ability, lock moisture from the dermal layer, nourish the skin, and make skin moist and elastic.

dabao cosmetic cleanser 220g

no foaming, mild nature, thoroughly clean the skin. there are many nutritional essence, moisturizer, aging, maintaining the skin 's natural acid balance, so that delicate skin put on a appearance, makes the skin more fresh shuangjie. often use can make skin delicate, rich elasticity, while at the same time can also be used as a milk bath.

ann moisturizing cream 38g

what skin type are suitable for, especially for oil skin, fresh and not greasy moisturizing, faint fragrance type, gel paste very refreshing and easy to absorb, and there would not be too much burden to the skin.

shanghai woman evening primrose cream 80g

moisturizing, easily absorbed, can when the makeup before the milk used in the summer, the luster is not greasy, possess a unique moisturizing effect, painted in the face, there is a kind of cool and refreshing feeling, not greasy. using exclusive possession of " classic " three flowers spices, fresh elegant scent of freshness. buy two get one oh.

[H2] epidermal egf lyophilized powder repair factor essence

egf wrinkle shrink pores, ask, repair acne scar acne pits role is significant, egf can promote epidermal cells growing divisions, so that the skin cells become plump, restore young state, with repairing of damaged skin, it also stimulates collagen repair aging fracture of collagen and elastic fibers.

royal square mud facial cleanser gentle cleansing

effective gentle cleansing facial skin, help face deep moisturizing, lasting moisturizing, suitable for neutral, oily, mixed skin, allows you to bid farewell to the fetters of skin.

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