This Is How Easy It Is To Be Suspected Of Being A Radical If You’re Muslim

British Muslims have detailed the innocent, everyday acts that have led to individuals being suspected as radicals, from holding open doors to writing class projects about foreign policy.

Amid international criticism of the arrest of a Texan schoolboy for building a clock his teacher thought was a hoax bomb, a new report highlights growing concern among UK Muslims that they are being unfairly targeted for being suspected extremists.

The Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) submitted the examples to David Anderson QC, the UK’s independent reviewer of terrorism legislation, who included them in his annual report published on Thursday. In the report, Anderson warned the government’s counter-terrorism legislation risked alienating Muslims and could provoke a backlash in certain communities.

Here are some of the examples, as detailed by the MCB:

Social services found that there was no case to answer and said the school had given them the wrong information, BuzzFeed News understands.

“Lowering one’s gaze” is considered to be Islamic etiquette by some conservative Muslims. BuzzFeed News understand that the lecturer walked to the boys and asked why they stepped aside. The students were taken aback, didn’t answer the lecturer, and were then asked, directly, if they were Muslim. They refused to speak to the team without their parents’ presence.

The students were pulled out of the school by their parents because they were scared by how they were being treated.

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