This Hilarious Appeal To Cannes Shows How Messed Up Charity-Based Ads Can Be

Every year, in June, the Cannes Lions are held to award the most creative ad campaigns in the world.

And every year, from March to June, brands try to come up with campaigns that showcase their will to help society.

The PR section is one of the most hotly contested categories each year.

They find creative solutions to the problems of those in need.

Unfortunately, they only seem to wanna help out for those three months a year.

March to June. The End.

And why is that?

Yep. Just for the awards.

Every. Single. Year.

The Indian Confederation of NGOs (iCONGO) has made this appeal to the Cannes Lions that can motivate ad agencies to help people all year round.

The math is undeniable tbh.

Watch the hilarious yet poignant appeal here.

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