These Are The Most Popular Swearwords Used By And About Britain’s Politicians

The word cloud above shows the relative popularity of the various swearwords people have directed at politicians on Twitter during the election campaign. The bigger the word, the more times it has been used.

All told, around 110,000 tweets – or roughly 1 in 50 of those directed towards politicians – have contained one or more abusive words. The most popular phrase is, simply, “fuck off”. In total, it’s been sent to politicians more than 3,000 times over the last 10 weeks.

The prime minister has received around 9,000 messages containing an abusive word. The word cloud above shows Twitter’s favourites. As for Ed Miliband, who’s in second place, a single phrase rings out loud and clear:

The word cloud above shows politicians’ favourite swearwords on Twitter – taken from 1,300 separate examples of bad language on the campaign trail.

During this election, candidates have used it to speak in ways that they never have before – whether out of anger, desperation, or simply because they’re retweeting the abuse they’ve been getting.

The colour code is Red = Labour, Green = Greens, Blue = Conservatives, Purple = UKIP, Yellow = Liberal Democrats, Brown = Plaid Cymru, White = Respect, and Grey = Independents.

The only party who has been completely well-behaved is the SNP: The only tweet sent from the SNP’s six sitting parliamentary candidates that contains an abusive word is a single “Oh shit!…” from Pete Wishart.

Important note: This chart does slightly overstate the totals, as it catches people (for example) using abusive terms as names – e.g. innocently replying to a constituent called Dick.

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