the weather is getting hot, quick change on summer bamboo cushion, cool breathable

it 's getting hot, quick change on summer bamboo cushion, cool breathable

bamboo can watch, cultivates, also have a greater economic value and medicinal value. bamboo mat cool, durable, can adsorption of toxic substances in the air.

summer office chair liangdian

bamboo mat mainly includes consistent perforation of the block, the border strip and cable, in close proximity to two pieces of bamboo there are established between the end face of the dust with a hole in the article, can prevent dust gathered in through the hole, so bamboo mat durable, clean health.

bamboo seat cushion on top of the block where a number of skins of bamboo, some are using bamboo core is made of. bamboo seat cushion made from the skin of a sit up there than core made of cool, price is also naturally will be expensive some.

summer electric car motorcycle seat cover cushion

this section of bamboo seat cushion, selection of yiyang ecological bamboo quality bamboo, carefully hand woven, absorbent, breathable, pest mite.

bamboo liangdian must carefully polished, won 't produce thorn, hurt and clothing and skin. tandem you want to block the use of strong and stretchy, otherwise, the block is easy to fall off. over time, the gap between the block will be relaxed to increase, affect the appearance of.

summer office chair boss chair cushion liangdian

bamboo bead liangdian than expensive some of the block of the tandem. because connected in series production process is complicated, used in making brush thin bamboo raw material you want to choose, with a thickness of basic in line of bamboo can turnings bamboo bead come out of the same size.

some bamboo cushion has auxiliary material and lining, through these also can distinguish between the pros and cons of bamboo seat cushion. you know, in case of injury caused to the skin of the lining of the inferior, and therefore, in this regard but feed.

summer mahjong cushion

bamboo cushion smooth texture and delicate, soft and moist, cool summer without ice. both health and health!

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