the new owner to look over here, this 8 models car equipment, truly enhance your driving safety and quality upholstery

the new owner to look over here, this 8 models car equipment, really improve your driving safety and upholstery grade

hereafter the new owner to buy a new car, they will want to buy those car supplies, enhance vehicle safety and trim it, but he couldn 't free to buy, fear is not practical, a waste of money, today small make up to share with you a couple of really to enhance the driving safety and environmental space for the carriage of a couple of supplies, and he hopes he can to help you.

security reversing rearview mirror

new sense of novice car is definitely a relatively poor, may has a not small constant scratching, really don 't bargain, for driver easy to operate, to prevent the occurrence of safety accidents, and guarantee the personal safety, promotion novice first reversing safer, like this section of small round mirror, very practical, have it in the car we 'll drive can also be more secure.

car air pump, vacuum cleaner four

new car must keep clean, healthy environment to create the best for their families; this legacy of cleaning the car paper scraps, waste, to make your car become more clean. multifunctional vacuum cleaner, without fear of any litter, and instantly enjoy clean space. regardless of what is inside corners, all can easily cleaning.

drive the most important is safe, so even though it 's your car safety coefficient is not high if bought also is no good, but also the driver of the waist health would also seriously, to prevent drive out occupational diseases out.

driver car waist cushion

the car too much, making it easy for lower back pain! this paragraph waist cushion has two functions, one is to remind the body to maintain the correct posture, another a lumbar support. this section car waist cushion, compare breathable also anti static, placed on the seat, long time placed in the sedentary drive can relieve back fatigue.

multifunction car charger

this is a convenient car owners with car charger accessories for charging digital products anytime, high cost of this paragraph price of car charger, with a battery voltage monitoring function, display real time digital display at a glance, intelligent dragged three usb output, can charge three digital design, satisfy a variety of charging needs.

families with children and senior citizens will be seriously car sanitation and air, while there was a new car spare part of poisonous and harmful gas, mounted on a section of the air purifier, rapid reduction of air is a must for your car, at the same time the old owner also there was a particular need.

solar car air purifier

solar air purifier, can be very good clean car air, also with a touch of fragrance and phone holder function it; this section is dedicated to the purification pm2.5 in the air inside the car, poisonous and harmful gases (such as formaldehyde, benzene, tvoc), odour, bacteria and viruses such as vehicle pollution of air purification equipment.

leather car pumping paper box car hanging

i put that all feel there is no space, then put over it! this paragraph hanging tissue box car tissue box adopts clip installation method of, very firm, and then with the texture of the leather and the exquisite craft, installed in the car it is both convenient and very on the grade.

car space is limited, but storage is infinite, there must be a car storage car storage tool for support, for example what or seat hanging storage box storage box are good choices.

car seat back hanging storage bag

take heart in heart design, seems to be particularly thoughtful, the car seat back storage bag very sweet, can zoom in interior space, storage debris, also with the role of kick pad, effective protection the car seat is not riding personnel has been kicked in.

car seat crevice storage box

drivers carry a cell phone wallet really do not know where they have laid more convenient, this section multifunctional storage box able to give consumers the dilatancy. installed in the car seat gap office, become seat storage box, cell phone, cigarette, charge card etc there is a " safe haven ".

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