the humidity is easy to get fat, 8 kinds of food dampness detox, dampness detox body more healthy

humid and easy to get fat, 8 kinds of food dampness detox, dampness detox body more health

red bean barley barley flour

red bean barley can get rid of body moisture, very suitable for summer and body moisture heavier people are eating. can eat a, is to share of spleen dampness. favourable water swelling, and spleen to wet, shujin chubi, heat abscess and other effects, commonly used water shenshi drug. dampness detox, slimming beauty is very easy.

tangerine ebony drink chrysanthemum tea

this section of tea can be refreshing solution tired, qi and phlegm, spleen, ease the body heat of dizziness discomfort, fatigue, gastrointestinal symptoms. ages seasons, drank a cup of, poisoning caused by discharges, from moisture problems.

gorgon barley powder

" compendium of materia medica " records, yam五劳七伤weakness and hundreds of loss, treatment and cure. suffice it to say its significant effect of dampness, barley as well as changing the efficacy of dampness, soak a cup in the morning and when breakfast, dampness and the spirit of the day.

yunnan biluochun tea luzhou 500g

the humidity of the people tend to prefer to eat meat and fried foods, these foods will help wet wet, aggravated humidity. amino acids, tea polyphenols in green tea, caffeine and other ingredients can promote digestion, xiaoshi solution tired, played a role of cellulite and dampness. long time sitting in front of computers of people supposed to drink a lot of green tea anti radiation.

red bean barley tea teabag

barley can diuresis detumescence, spleen to wet and getting. dampness can lose weight, let 's maintain luster and delicate skin. for all seasons, dampness detoxification needs only one day for a drink.

herbal tea melon lotus leaf

lotus leaf tea can lose weight, as a matter of fact is through time to get rid of the moisture away, through our body the cycle of system will come to these excreted with urine or feces for moisture, this melon lotus leaf paragraph dampness tea not only good effect, weight loss and has attracted the woman sought.

nuts cooked oatmeal 400g

oats can hua chang laxative, prompting stool size larger, water content, with fiber to promote gastrointestinal motility, and bringing into full play the role of detoxification laxative, better oats with fruits and nuts, tastes delicious, is a good choice of breakfast.

gold burdock tea

for moisture in the body weight of people, dampness is the best choice for a cup of tea, burdock can be promote blood circulation, metabolism, and had been adjusted in the effect of intestinal function, dietary fiber can be contained retain moisture, soften the stool, helps to detox, elimination of constipation.

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