The Hardest “Divergent” Quiz You’ll Ever Take

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  • 1.
    In the Divergent book, what phrase does Christina say when she takes possession of the flag during the paintball exercise?
    “You’re the hero, let me have this.”
    “You’re already the hero of the day.”
    “Hey hero, you’ve already won for the day.”
    “You’re the hero today, don’t be selfish.”

    In the movie adaptation this scene was changed. Tris first grabs the flag but then Christina takes hold of it. There was no confrontation.

  • 2.
    Which of the following is NOT one of the factions?
  • 3.
    How many actresses auditioned for the role of Tris in the first movie?

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    It’s been reported that Shailene Woodley was the only actress that was considered for the role.

  • 4.
    What was Peter’s weapon of choice for stabbing Edward in the eye?
    A Butcher Knife
    A Butter Knife
    A Pairing Knife
    A Spork
  • 5.
    How many fears does Tris have in Divergent (the book)?

    In Divergent readers learn Tris has seven fears, one of which is a fear of intimacy with Four. In the third book of the series (Allegiant), Tris conquers this fear and therefore her total number of fears in the landscape is reduced to six.

  • 6.
    How many of Tris’ fears get shown in the movie?

    Only five of Tris’ seven original fears in the landscape are shown in the film adaptation.

  • 7.
    Which character fed information to the Erudite reporter who wrote the article claiming that Tris had a cruel upbringing?
  • 8.
    Four tells Tris that one of his fears has changed in Insurgent. Which of the following occurs in his new fear landscape?
    He has to shoot a woman.
    He has to shoot his father.
    He has to watch his father kill Tris.
    He has to watch Tris die.
  • 9.
    In chapter 18 of Insurgent, what term does Jack Kang use when referring to Tris?

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    Confused Child
    Little Girl
    Annoying Girl
    Paranoid Child

  • 10.
    What is the symbol that is associated with the Candor faction?
    A Scale
    A Tree
    An Eye
    An Abacus
  • 11.
    What was Allegiant’s US publication date?
    October 22, 2013
    October 18, 2013
    October 24, 2013
    October 12, 2013
  • 12.
    In Free Four: Tobias Tells the Divergent Knife-Throwing Scene, Four compares looking at Tris to what?

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    Looking at the Sun
    Falling Asleep
    Waking Up
    Looking at the Moon

  • 13.
    What was the name of the free companion e-book released four weeks after Allegiant?
    Divergent: The Path to the End
    Divergent: The Path to Allegiant
    Divergent: We’re All Allegiant
    Divergent: We Are Allegiant
  • 14.
    What was the final production budget for the Divergent film?
    $45 Million
    $48 Million
    $80 Million
    $85 Million

    The film was initially given a budget of $40 million, which was raised to $80 million after the success of The Hunger Games. The final budget, however, was raised to $85 million.

  • 15.
    What scene did Veronica Roth tell BuzzFeed she was looking forward to the most in the first Divergent movie?

    Macey J. Foronda / BuzzFeed
    The Choosing Ceremony
    The Fear Landscapes
    The Tattoo Technology
    Meeting Kate Winslet

  • 16.
    In chapter four of Allegiant Tobias explains that his mother always sits on the edges of things, then says it’s as if…
    She is afraid to get too comfortable in one place.
    She suspects she will have to flee in an instant.
    She refuses to let her feet leave the ground.
    She’s just an edgy mom, you might even call her a cool mom!
  • 17.
    After their reconnaissance mission of the fringe area, Amar reveals to Tris that he is in a relationship with who?
  • 18.
    While on her way to the Weapons Lab towards the end of Allegiant, where is Tris shot by one of the guards chasing her?
    The Foot
    The Arm
    The Shoulder
    None of the Above
  • 19.
    After her passing, where does Four reveal that he first saw Tris?
    His Grandmother’s Funeral
    His Grandfather’s Funeral
    His Mother’s Funeral
    His Brother’s Funeral
  • 20.
    Which of the following serums was not mentioned in any of the Divergent books?
    Death Serum
    Stimulation Serum
    Inoculation Serum
    Memory Serum
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    The Hardest “Divergent” Quiz You’ll Ever Take
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