the female driver of people see people love a few prototype products, sections and practical, drive please disregard the domineering

female driver of the people see people love couple of prototype products, sections of the practical, domineering drive please ignore

nowadays, women drivers are driving more and more, cannot but remind people of former " street killer ", in this era of perceptual prevail over reason, domineering drive please chose to ignore

as an old driver a, driving down the road to see halfway brakes somehow hit the turn signals, would have reducer of tacit understanding coming through, then smile as.

ms. actually dressed out of love, so sometimes the car will inevitably backpacked, but such an approach quite dangerous. here we recommend several models and practical car product:

creative car phone holder

a very creative mobile phone bracket, when used as long as gently one click you can flip, can be arbitrary location use

multifunction car skid pad

very a paragraph of multifunctional car skid pad, outside in addition to can be used as a temporary parking card and phone holder, but also can put many small things.

driving out, the most important thing is to learn to enjoy life, so in the car, we should also be served with a number of small objects.

creative shook his head doll car perfume

using the sun light and lighting are converted to kinetic energy, so that leaves and small flowers sway, the base has at the same time perfume injection hole, adding very convenient

temporary parking number plate

out of parking is not convenient, fear or stop in place shouldn 't stop, the affected people, so a stop sign is indispensable, to avoid a lot of trouble.

the car is a home, just don 't forget to pack when travel, comfortable driving environment to relieve tension mood, reduce driving risk.

car air outlet storage box

a paragraph of exquisite fashion pouch, using leather design, beautiful atmosphere, put some small objects very suitable.

japan imported fashion car trash

the normal driving will inevitably arise to eat, or another cannot readily throw, so a practical paragraph trash can is very necessary oh.

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