the female driver " brief encounter " 8 car small objects

the driver " brief encounter " 8 car small objects

over the past few years the female driver has been pushed up on the front. network transmission drive the driver doesn 't know any of the general assembly, frequently appears in the many small incidents embarrassing, but it really is all of " the driver " is that so?

driver for men and women, many female driver driving than male drivers were also careful about. although women may be born to the car is not sensitive, but careful of female drivers drive out but also oh not sloppy.

in particular the long distance till late in the evening, sounds tired and dangerous, but the driver who can will do a good job full preparations for it. a look at the next and small part under, female drivers out of what will be ready to use car products it.

car phone charger

first of all, will be to bring the charger, phone battery for us to be very convenient, especially at night driving friends, always carry car car charger, can be accessed at any time to the mobile phone charging.

car seat perfume clip

the high cost of a perfume clip oh, vent holder clip office will be able to, effectively improve the car environment, make driving safer.

what would also like to answer the phone when driving, using mobile stand, let the phone more safety for, is not just pick up the phone, use when a mobile navigation phone holder will also be more convenient oh.

car multifunctional car phone holder

like this a very nice paragraph slightly, super adsorption, afraid of the phone off, but also with shockproof effect, mobile phone vibration also not afraid to throw.

linen car neck pillow

car neck pillow is also one 's own car car products necessary for the oh, this paragraph is linen material of, breathable and good, elastic good, so you can also be felt comfortable to relax on the road.

a lot of car 's circuit, there will inevitably be a little accident, thus driving out, remember to keep in the car put fire extinguisher oh.

small car fire extinguisher

this section is a specialized car fire extinguisher oh, shape is very small, the operation is very convenient, sitting on it is actually also won 't take up a lot of space.

car oxygen bar air purifier

a lot of people are afraid of the car smell, owner who may wish to put a little in the car car air purifier, can effectively remove formaldehyde and other harmful smell, also you a clean car environment.

in the vehicle and a hygienic environment appropriate to the worst to tidy up, because the car thing too much, and the space is relatively small, use car vacuum cleaner can help us to solve this problem soon.

car powerful vacuum cleaner

this car vacuum cleaner small make up feel very good friends, can strong clear of dust and garbage truck, but also can act as a pump oh.

dedicated car wash towel

car absorbent towel is also necessary for a small items oh, whether it is a rainy day or daily cleaning, absorbent towel can help you a lot of busy oh.

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