The Definitive Ranking Of All Things Fabulous Inside Of Selina Kyle’s Apartment

The industrial ceiling beam.

It’s like somehow Selina had access to Pinterest back in 1992, like she’s put her own twist on all those hip exposed ceiling beams.

All the pink paint.

All the pink paint in Selina’s apartment, (the walls, the doors, the cabinets), make her transition into Catwoman so much more drastic AND fabulous. And let’s not forget that perfect pink phone. Meow!

Selina’s “Hello There” lights.

As if the pink theme in this apartment couldn’t get any better. We’d appreciate it if we could get a business card for the fine fellow who crafted these lights.

Which eventually gets broken down to “Hell Here”.

So badass. So fitting. So much yummier.

The white mirror.

This would be the mirror that you stumble upon in a random Etsy shop and instantly purchase because it’s so flawless. Regrettably we all know that this is one of the unfortunate items that gets smashed to pieces when Hurricane Selina rolls through the apartment.

All of the quirky accents.

I want in. The squiggly yellow lamp. The little “solely for show” fish tank. All the lively pastel colored rugs. The awesome kitchen sink. This apartment and all of the belongings inside of it, look like they belong somewhere on an Urban Outfitters blog.

The yellow couch.

If someone were writing up a post about the top yellow couches to ever be used in film, this would easily make Top 5. The cushy yellow texture gives the couch such a soft cozy feel, while also creating a rough texture with the different use of fabric for the little accents all over the couch. We love that this yellow couch is funky and also representative of Selina.

The Belvedere sewing machine.

The machine that made Selina’s transformation come full circle. This incredible sewing machine helped piece together Selina’s new identity as Catwoman. And who doesn’t love a pink sewing machine?

We can also thank the sewing machine for THIS face.

~That feeling when you start making your superhero costume and it’s simply amazing so you’re all like~

The constant flow of cats.

Almost every time the camera pans to a window, a cat is crawling through into Selina’s apartment. Imagine every time you left your windows open, cats just started constantly pouring through? This sounds like heaven on earth. We see that Selina puts milk out for all her fur babies and clearly cares for them, I mean…she IS Catwoman.

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