the chinese new year on the table must be put on these types of sugar, delicious, sweet all the year round sweet honey

chinese new year on the table must be put on these types of sugar, delicious taste, one year at the end of the day all sweetly

big white rabbit toffee milk

the packing is very delicate on the grade, let ordinary white rabbit creamy candy have high quality feeling, delicious creamy toffee, quality assurance.

creative star planet sugar

strict screening quality sugar, as well as edible fruit elements, material health pollution. pure handmade, each sugar sparkling crystal and is subject to change, delicious and aesthetically pleasing.

rich flavor meng candy food

very cute innocence of a sugar, chinese lunar new year when visiting relatives and friends with children, all can pull out this section of sugar. lovely shape, sweet taste, the children like it very much.

peanut candy flavor

selection of large particles of peanuts, and strictly abides by the golden ratio of peanuts and sugar, taste very good. do not add any preservatives, pure taste, gifts to share.

hangzhou specialty traditional handmade sesame obstinacy

taste sweet, outer sesame uniformity, cut surface brown bright, soft and elastic, but also very chewy, delicious stick teeth, a mouthful of sweet.

desktop peanut nougat

moderate hybrid inflatable candy, sweet fruity stick teeth, leisure home essential snack, independent convenient and health. the perfect blend of sweet and fragrant, taste great.

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