The Australian Parliament Was Asked About "Gay Nazi Mind Control" Because 2017

Labor’s Tony Burke used Question Time to ask the government about One Nation WA candidate Michelle Meyers, who wrote on Facebook that gay people are adopting techniques used by the Nazis and Soviets to convince others to accept marriage equality.

Burke asked prime minister Malcolm Turnbull about it, in light of the Liberal Party’s preference deal with One Nation in Western Australia, and the defence of Pauline Hanson on Sunday by industry minister Arthur Sinodinos on ABC’s Insiders program:

My question is to the Prime Minister. I refer to his early answers, he defended his industry minister describing One Nation as more sophisticated. One Nation in Western Australia has said the gay community has developed a covert mind control project to campaign for marriage equality, using the strategies developed by the Nazis and the Soviets. How long can the Turnbull government continue to make excuses for One Nation?

And then he pointed to Labor’s preference arrangements with the Greens.

“[The Greens party advocates] legalising drugs of addiction; it advocates abandoning the US alliance; it advocates de-industrialising Australia; and I don’t believe the Labor Party agrees with any of those policies,” Turnbull said.

One Nation is yet to comment on Meyers’ gay mind control beliefs. The WA election is next month.

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