the arrival of summer, as soon as the rain umbrella shade cover to get, you can also be so beautiful in the rain

the arrival of summer, as soon as the rain umbrella shade cover to get, you can also be so beautiful in the rain

lightweight sunscreen small floral umbrella folding sun umbrella rain or shine dual

small fresh style, floral pattern is very clear, simple and with stripes, light to carry, go out put in the bag, use namely, get the belt after folded length of only 18cm, weight about 200 grams, a word light!!

half of the mini cartoon sunscreen vinyl folding umbrella rain or shine dual ultralight

small fresh style, korea creative cartoon pattern very, clear and lovely, only 17cm per cent of the length after folding, weight around 200g, lightweight, carry very convenient, use sunscreen vinyl cloth, anti-uv effect good.

ms. dual small mini umbrella vinyl folding ultralight half of

half of vinyl flower bow sun umbrellas, snug 17cm size is very compact, ultra lightweight to carry out put bags can be had, vinyl sunscreen effect is very stick oh!

cute little yellow duck folded umbrella rain or shine dual uv sunshade

cute little yellow duck pattern umbrella, folded umbrella, rain or shine dual, vinyl folding umbrella, lady sun uv sun, very lovely a paragraph oh and girls don 't miss oh!

cat automatic umbrella folding umbrella uv umbrellas vinyl

a memorable texture, translucent frosted handle, unique fashion kitten pattern, high waterproof canopy, sun canopy, to get an umbrella.

small fresh ladies umbrella folded umbrella rain or shine dual folding umbrella

tree lovers creative, whole small fresh range of children, to bring people hope and a feeling of exhilaration, vinyl carom cloth can be effective waterproof and strike a balance between the needs of sunscreen.

ultralight lace embroidery mostly two folding vinyl super sun uv

ultralight umbrella lace embroidery, exquisite three-dimensional embroidery, two folding, super vinyl, uv sunshade, stainless steel material of the pole, you can also be the focus of the sun.

small fresh sen department of automatic long umbrella lovers double umbrella dual

12 bone semi automatic open umbrella, very strong strong windproof oh ~ super strong a paragraph, umbrella is happiness tree pattern and dragonflies butterflies combination, super cute oh ~ both beautiful and very gentleman handles very special there is a small bow decoration beautiful.

japanese creative ultralight folding lace umbrella sun umbrella dual

fabric is special anti uv sunscreen lace cloth, affixed with anti uv umbrellas service identification, although there is no coating, but really can resist ultraviolet irradiation of the pattern of permanent is not refundable, burning flowers through the sun umbrella i can see patterns oh.

cute cat umbrella dual folding umbrellas ultralight

made of aluminum alloy and thick high density glass fiber skeleton, pg cloth umbrella cloth using a drying, waterproof effect is very well, within the umbrella silver plastic coating, uv effect standards, low profile color taste of engaging different.

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