teach you how to quickly identify genuine korean mask! this doesn 't know anything, just don 't use the korean cosmetics a

teach you how to quickly identify genuine korean mask! this doesn 't know anything, just don 't use the korean cosmetics

you know korean mask easy to use, but now on the market the deceptive mask korea too much! how many people had put up a fake korean mask, ruined rong, rotten face, those in south korea mask of the knowledge you need to know to distinguish between true and false!

1. whirlpool mds lise injection mask: a lot of first starting with a novice mm cosmetic skin care a mask, is also based in korean mask moisturizing type best selling, next to you analysis of how to distinguish between genuine and fake:

official direct sale mds whirlpool mask

reservoir mask 1.16 years after June have been adjusted to take account of the design of security labels 2. flagship store all goods support app scan code certification 3. genuine 4 authentic font package opening triangular relatively slender 5 genuine production 6 genuine date stamp date is twill dot deep not ambiguous.

2. spring facial mask: pioneered natural mask start: sensitive muscle also suitable for use in facial mask, without any additives, natural propolis manufactured. pregnant women and small children all can use, 87% are in essence honey dope.

papa authentic recipe spring honey mask

1. fake back merchandise presentation at english no thickness of points 2. fake packaging very good tear off, genuine thick hard to tear 3. fake a lot of moisture within the packaging, very thin 4. fake special sweet, aroma of red nose, the real goods is after taste

3. innisfree moisturizing mask: facial mask korea explosion models is the smallest of the fresh, one can apply every day of mask, texture fresh docile, a variety of fruit extract, fighting in the parity mask machine, do not add alcohol, suitable for all skin types.

innisfree moisturizing mask

1. fake packaging and printing of fuzzy, relatively low clearance 2. out of the corner of my eye up by two a small incision 3. genuine paper mask docile, fake package can 't full face mask

4. snp gold collagen facial mask: recently ran a gold to be affixed to the face mask, according to the real negative ion, sucked face is dirty, while complementing collagen of skin

[H2] snp gold collagen facial mask 10 pcs

1. gold mask snp is mainly and smooth away wrinkles, increase skin elasticity, there will be no tingle when deposited 2. fake gold essence of thinner 3. fake rinsing face will dry 4. fake goods in bronzing on the packaging of the dark

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