teach you a " tips " when drinking, let you in before jiuzhuo not drunk, too much to drink also not uncomfortable

teach you a " tips " when drinking, let you not drunk before jiuzhuo, drink too many bad

wine in people 's lives can be described as playing the role of a bridge. large family gathering people love to drink; and friends, and colleagues dinner want a drink

especially now, the warmer weather, train line and friends to drink more, a pleasure it will be so drunk, not only uncomfortable family still not assured

make sure you eat something before drinking pad a minute, avoid drinking on an empty stomach, so as not to stimulate gastric mucosa; eat some with a high content of protein, such as some pure soy milk drink eggs such as, high protein food can be broken down and the alcohol is consumed, the reduction of alcohol on physical hazards.

chrysanthemum tea tire chrysanthemum king head

liver eyesight chrysanthemum is a kind of food, commonly used chrysanthemum tea drink can reach solution liver toxicity, row effect of exhaust gases. the right people have health function.

wild selection of muzi

don 't try to be in when drinking bravado, a stuffy down, drink too much haste will quickly improve the content of alcohol in the blood, enter the state of drunkenness. half an hour before drinking can use 3 pieces of moringa seeds, can protect liver, relieve alcohol lead to migraine headaches.

drink and headache? can drink some honey water, honey contains a special kind of fructose, can effectively alleviate the headache, and honey has the role of sleep aids, can let you quickly to sleep

west lake longjing tea

green tea full of flavor, taste is very good. and substances contained in green tea can help the decomposition of alcohol on the liver injury, smoking can also be entered by persons who often drink green tea.

every day special carnation qiju

drinking this tea, can reach the lowering, hypoglycemic, qi and blood, soften blood vessels, lungs with the exception of sputum, liver qi, detoxification, liver and other effects.

before drinking, just tight with vegetables to eat, especially fresh vegetables, because of these vitamins higher, while vitamins for our liver has certain protective effect, some of the other ingredients it also detoxifies alcohol.

specialty smoked sulfur dried lily fresh

dried lily can help break down alcohol, also can reduce the damage of alcohol on the liver. drink after drink a cup of dried lily bulb tea can help eliminate the toxins in the liver, the whole people are more relaxed.

soaked dried lemon freeze dried honey

lemon hydrolysis may wish to drink after drink hangover, containing organic acids, relieve headaches and heartburn had a role to play oh. honey lemon sour taste good to drink oh

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