tea: fun, tea is the tea

tea: interest of tea, tea is the

simple and natural black stone tea tray tea sets

tray is the important part which cannot be ignored in the tea, used for placing various tea role, such as teapot, teacup, pets, teapot, etc. can make these parts are not complex, also prevent breakage drop of tea table.

jingdezhen antique blue and white porcelain kung fu tea cup

a tiny cup, one of tea it is indispensable, given time of tea beauty and fun. choose from occupied territories of tires, cup of moderation,釉药shicie, persons of burning kiln knot, cups in each and every part of the production, with deposits of both university asked.

yixing handmade yixing tea pet cattle turn things around

many pet is placed on tea, after tea nourish, pleasant and becomes moist for a long time, tea overflowing, lies close to the favorite tea of people, become an alternative collection and admiration treasures.

raised pot purple coarse pottery pot ru cheng care

teapot pot bearing is used for placing containers, stuffed with tea in a teapot, stormed into the boiling, pour in the boat after, and then by the teapot with boiling water to the pot temperature above. with pouring boiling water can also be used to wash the cup.

set of blue and white porcelain tea set

tureen or lid, divided into three bowl, bowl, dish, put 7 grams of tea in the bowl, flush, stamped five to six minutes after drinking. way of tea, usually drink on a bubble has feet, rushed up to plus one.

famous handmade antique pot ore purple

yixing teapot is our conventional artistic excellence, it not only has the rich modeling language of elegant and unique artistic style, and there are also impressive artistic charm and unique taste of cultural patterns, rich people the material and cultural life.

cloud snail pottery cup pot quik cups

quik cup was initially designed for foreigners, tea will be a cumbersome process simplification, used to solve the problems of life the most fundamental of quench your thirst with our problems, while at the same time retain basic feeling of tea, and is in keeping with the fast paced modern urbanite of life.

entire natural black stone tea tray factory direct

tray also plays the role of insulation, kettle, teapot and cup of tea in the process of high temperature objects, play the role of insulation, can be avoided because the temperature is too high and burn the desktop of the situation, effectively protect it on the coffee table.

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