summer to be a fine woman, 8 pieces of magic also good looks of your youth

summer to be a fine woman, 8 pieces of magic also good looks of your youth

the summer is coming, and it is also wear sandals in the season, don 't be excitedly go on your shoes a pedal, heel dead skin does not remove, either you 're dressed again good, don 't it like a delicate woman.

lollipop double exfoliating foot stone grinding

this section foot stone grinding, lollipop appearance, let the foot wear is also fun together, both effort and worry, all exquisite moments together.

stainless steel eyebrow scissors

eyebrow is also part of temperament affect a person, don 't lecturing thrush, timing eyebrow nose hair trimmer is also a delicate woman the necessary homework, ok pruning is very remarkable young dynamic it ~

summer gel so much meat, as a woman, all parts of the body to maintain up, timed nails body hair, giving people elegant impression.

loofah thick bath towel

in the daily care, dead body should also be removed, double design of loofah, friction fit, does not harm the skin, clean skin dirt and dead skin is very simple.

soft bristle long handle bath brush

like in the back that " health corners ", with a soft brush skillet more appropriate, soft and delicate, clear pores garbage and horny, all fresh delicate many.

do a delicate woman, of course will draw a little makeup, go out and see people, there are more confident beautiful.

dog cosmetic storage box

cosmetics and more, is best to use a storage box and store, compartments design at a glance, easy to pick up, countertops are also a lot of neat, from it can reflect on the exquisite life.

portable cosmetics storage bag

out of the occasional need makeup, and they would not be tall, put a bag pouch, commonly used storage cosmetics, against a rainy day, ready to preserve delicate appearance.

of course, regular exercise is also important. in addition to the movement can lose body fat, light body, also can make people have skin tight glamorous, wear one carry bag, healthy and don 't cumbersome.

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