summer shoes many don 't have anywhere to put it? can be at home so corner design, let your shoes become " disappeared "

summer shoes many don 't have anywhere to put it? can be at home so corner design, let your shoes become " disappeared "

spring has arrived, but also to the time of the season, many shoes and clothes at home all of a sudden up, especially shoes, neatly mess at the door, which makes people look very comfortable.

shoes too much, not packing up? actually the simplest and best use of method, is to keep the shoes placed in good, when to wear more good looking shoes, own look has a little more pleasant.

but like the real shoes get lots and lots and lots of cases, and then how will be placed in the shoes are still not enough, too much has occupied space. today small make up ready to recommend several models, dedicated exclusively to the mother of the most commonly used storage shoes small objects, then we have a look at it.

japan imported vertical shoe

first of all, when we look at this paragraph vertical shoe rack, using a grid of forms, a grid can be placed a pair of shoes, more suitable for small apartment home use oh.

simple plastic shoe

this paragraph also is it 's a pretty simple models shoe, upper and lower layer all can put shoes, the use of a relatively high rate, with a slip design, not afraid of shoes may slip oh.

solid wood shoe rack it is very popular in recent years, because of the material is good, more durable, and pure natural look is also engaging oh.

modern bamboo multilayer shoe

this section is a modern bamboo multilayer shoe, using natural bamboo made of, material environmental, no smell, can be placed more shoes.

bamboo wood shoe rack

the use of natural wood made, fine workmanship, very strong, multilayer design, space utilization ratio high, sat on the use of just good oh.

european style furniture is also very popular, not only the appearance of generosity, but practicality is also high.

continental thin dump shoe

for example this dump shoe models, using the material made of slim, normally very convenient to assemble, dump truck design, storage very convenient oh.

shoes stool shoe storage cabinet

this paragraph also is very popular it, not only can storage shoes, but also with a stool changing his shoes, a dual cabinet, very practical oh.

simple wrought iron rack, can storage shoes, also can storage many other small objects oh, on the corner of the room when the decoration is also very good of it.

iron multilayer assembly

this section is a multilayer design of formwork, the shoes are more at home can convenient storage, farewell messy, more waterproof rustproof oh.

simple plastic multilayer shoe

very beautiful very warm a shoe models oh, also is of multilayer design, ingenious design, greatly improves the shoes of the storage space, it also can be placed umbrella.

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