summer day a cup of tea, clearing away heat and beauty, as well as to eliminate the effectiveness of excess oil

summer daily cup of tea, clearing away heat and beauty, as well as to eliminate the effectiveness of excess oil

four things down by four things to drink tea buy 3 send 1

both appearance and built-in integration of appropriate, let taste combination of flowers in the production process, so taste will be more rich, drink up also very has taste.

three legs grass herbal tea bags

three grass tea is simply one of the legendary stovepipe! simple three kinds of herbal tea, has a magical power of oh! unique fresh tea aroma, very charming!

barley tea barley tea grain tea

a bit of mild barley flavor drink not bored, dissolved quickly pouch design, can effectively disappear of swelling and.

brown sugar ginger tea instant ginger tea

isn 't it time to bring you an indelible mark on the change, to do a woman i should treat myself better, learn to health, do an excellent woman.

black oolong tea cassia barley tea combination

has a mellow fragrance oolong tea and wheat, can wake up dormant brain, effective get rid of " belly ".

flat belly melon lotus leaf tea teabag buy 3 send 1

made from natural plants as raw material, can achieve very good slimming effect, have a drink on a daily basis easy can let you drink out of the waistline.

red bean barley tea fried cooked cereals

the use of the traditional production process, the original taste of love into together, made into a small package more convenient to brew, the deployment is also very in place.

slim figure oil cut black oolong tea buy 3 send 1

it is very good for health herbal tea, faint scent is very charming, can also effective tonic for women of blood and look, drink up also is very convenient.

lemon lotus leaf tea rose tea teabag

elaborate design can be convenient brewing, selection of the finest raw materials, directly with the boiling water bubble open can drinking a, taste better, and with the faint fragrance.

flat belly lotus leaf pu 'er tea tea bags

when met the lotus leaf pu 'er tea, do not have doubled flavor fragrance and taste ~ bid farewell to the multiplicity of brewing modes, sister paper bags and certainly is lazy favorite!

natural papaya kudzu roses combined

simple shape and careful and meticulous design of small bubbles, with a papaya rose fragrance to drink a day cup is also your waistline.

chrysanthemum tea honeysuckle tea bags barley kernels

and the essence of the earth, absorb the essence of the herbs, to spit out the old ability of recruiting, rosy glow of shining appearance.

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