spring temperatures comfortable but very strong ultraviolet, an umbrella rain or shine dual, uv rain are not afraid of

spring temperatures comfortable but very strong ultraviolet, an umbrella rain or shine dual, ultraviolet spring are not afraid of

seeing as the spring is coming, the temperature is also more and more high, uv is growing stronger and stronger, and sunscreen work should also advance has begun. because of the spring is much hardier to the heat in summer, but uv go and not less. so choose a high spf sun protection umbrellas are the key, block the sun 's harmful rays, prevent dark and long spot.

paradise folded umbrellas barometer

for the pursuit of simple fashion women, very has the fashion breath of a paragraph umbrella, with black letters OF modernization in the log, noble AND gorgeous, fashion atmospheric. whether it is rain or shine can be applied, as well as very strong put uv function.

creative teddy bear umbrella

rain or shine dual paragraph, sun shade, material and design waterproof wind, a little cartoon pattern is very cute too low, very suitable for women to use.

some people say, i also need umbrella sunscreen on a daily basis? of course need, had only the limitation of sunscreen sunscreen, but where there is a relatively strong ultraviolet light use not much. so fundamentally resolved uv exposure is the key.

vinyl sun umbrella folding umbrella rain or shine

fit human body engineering, effective sunscreen, compact and easy to carry. outer rain, cool and comfortable. the inner layer insulation,, blocking the heat. hit the color of the umbrella design, add a touch of bright in this spring, very much for the occasion.

super dual visor sun umbrella

cixin using nano cloth umbrella, lightweight waterproof, uniform coating, depth of sunscreen. cute giraffe pattern, looks fresh and cute, yet not childish, everything is so perfect.

a lot of people will come with an ordinary umbrella when the sun umbrella, it is of little use. sunshade umbrella with ordinary words fundamental difference is the spf. umbrellas in the vinyl coating, can stop the ultraviolet light, the most main rainy day can be used as, very convenient.

kumamoto bear umbrellas barometer

kumamoto bear design and really captured now dame of heart, lovely avatar and concise look, cute and not contrived. double sai vinyl umbrella rain or shine dual umbrellas, super sunscreen ultra lightweight and easy to carry.

ultralight folding umbrella three folding lace

double umbrella, with vinyl coating, full shade, rain or shine dual. lace element reflect a kind of delicate and feminine, very delicate. sen department of fresh style, do not fade, fine matte black and white handle, feel comfortable and durable.

if your skin is very sensitive to the sun, in addition to daily walking away from wet. cotton back can be used every day, spray a little iced moisturizing spray. allergy has very good cooling effect oh!

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