so high atmospheric, huawei exclusive men p9 mobile phone shell, at a glance fall in love with a few models

so high atmospheric, huawei exclusive men p9 mobile phone shell, at a glance fall in love with a couple of

sheepskin business mobile phone sets of huawei p9

this paragraph using lambskin phone shell material, feel soft and delicate, comfortable slip, is a seamless process with flocking inside, allowing you to ease of disassembly and assembly. black, dark blue, more stable atmosphere, let the moment you take out mobile phone, double high grade was.

huawei p9 whole package drop resistance phone shell

this paragraph made of high quality pc material, backside brushed processing, without leaving fingerprints and perspiration, delicate matte metal craft paint, the overall atmosphere with stylish, full surround design, drop, dust, water splash, while luxury domineering, so easily to make your cell phone unique.

huawei p9 phone shell metal frame

this paragraph metal frame shell handsome and stylish, classic three design, more in line with the mobile phone appearance, using the aviation aluminum up and down protective shell with plastic frame combination, hit the color design, shape and appearance of wear mobile phone fiber thin and beautiful, fiber thin janus, comes with sharp aura, you deserve!

huawei p9 ultrathin frosted shell phone

this section of thin phone shell drop resistance, micro scrub technology, personalized fashion, give you extra virgin in the bare hand. precise holes openings, soft protective is slightly higher than the screen, stronger and more shatterproof to fight.

huawei p9 imitation leather phone shell

creative plating frame + pure natural fashion shell striae, simple and elegant, the united states was again filled with profound connotation, holding in your hands is more range. 360 ° the whole package design, give you a full range of protection.

huawei p9 smart clamshell protective sleeve

a smart clamshell holster business models, fashion simple design, use special convenient, free flip cover a call, without having to open the cover sliding can receive, real machine open mold, precision holes, take the it is in our hands, more outstanding in the crowd.

huawei p9 creative bracket shell phone

huawei p9 integrated bracket shell phone, stand with the integration of mobile phone shell, whenever and wherever the liberation of hands, enjoy the wonderful life, full hemming streamline design, appear to relate to the real machine integration. effective drop, scratch shock absorption.

huawei p9 phone shell

this paragraph uses cortical texture with metal material stitching, designs, with the atmosphere of elite capable of feeling, exquisite appearance, yet tough and domineering style, star yan value with high quality of material, more texture and a sense of fashion.

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