Rihanna And Jim Parsons Play “Never Have I Ever”

Although you’d never expect music goddess Rihanna and the loveably nerdy Big Bang Theory actor Jim Parsons to star in a movie together, the two have teamed up in the heartwarming and whimsical animated film, Home. A story about an alien and a human girl on a search to find her family, the film reminds us all that your home is more than just a house.

We sat down with the stars to chat about the adorable new film, and played a little round of Home-themed “Never Have I Ever.” Here’s what went down.

Never have I ever been on a road trip.

Rihanna: Tour, the entire America! Anytime we go to Vegas we love to drive. Even to Santa Barbara, Napa. It could be a car, it could be a trailer, it could be a tour bus. The tour bus is the best!

Jim Parsons: You love it!

R: I love it. Better than the plane!

JP: You like it better than the plane?

R: Way better!

JP: Why?

R: Because you don’t have to do anything but lay there. You lay there for hours. You can do whatever you want for hours. You could watch TV, you could cook a little bit — microwaveable — and then you can sleep, watch TV again, you know. The sleeping is way better, you just get rocked to sleep.

JP: Aw, like a baby! Um, I took a road trip from Houston, Texas, to San Diego, California, when I went to grad school, and I just drove there.

Never have I ever had a cat as a pet.

JP: I’m allergic.

R: I’ll just block this off, because I’m not offended by the idea. My mom is more offended by the idea. I used to save these kittens — we had stray kittens in the street but they weren’t really stray, they belonged to a home they were just never at that home. So they were just like community cats kind of, and they would go in the gutters to have their babies and I would hear them crying, go rescue them, give them a little shower with my hair conditioner, keep ‘em in a bucket, feed them.

JP: Why your hair conditioner?

R: Because I felt like they needed to be clean. There was like moss and ringworms and you gotta [clean them]. It wouldn’t last more than a night because I’d do it in the night and my mom would kick them out in the morning. She didn’t like cats. I love them! And I would go rescue one every time a mother gave birth.

So that’s kind of in the middle?

R: Yes! (twirls sign)

Never have I ever believed in aliens.

JP: Now I feel like I should cover the “duh.”

R: “Ish.”

JP: It’s a loose “yeah.” My thing I keep saying is I feel like the universe is so big it’d be foolish to pull out the “no” for it, you know?

R: How do you say maybe? (twirls sign) That’s my answer.

Never have I ever had a dance party in my car.

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