product is a good primer, hot taste

a good primer, fondue smells

delight soup pot bottom material

da hong pao new high pot series! to not eat spicy hot pot lovers strong gospel, eat good taste like soup.

mushroom soup pot bottom material

fondue, eat good, tricholoma matsutake mushroom soup base, adhering to this generation of fondue river the attitude of the people chafing dish! this section of the pot bottom material retains the delicious and natural values of tricholoma matsutake, to give consumers at home also can very good attention to enjoy cooking fondue.

xiaolongkan old pot butter base

xiaolongkan old gift selection of quality pepper, pepper hanyuan chafing dish, using the old chongqing hot pot handmade ancient and spicy, restore the authentic sichuan flavor.

little sheep powdered soup pot bottom material

little sheep hot pot seasoning with go full throttle, fresh and tender, rich, delicious soup is long, long shabu soup not pale flesh is not the old features!

red hot pot seasoning long

red long effort to launch pure concentrated spicy hot pot bottom material, no flavor, no pigment. also can eat at home a hot pot flavor.

spicy hot pot seasoning butter

chongqing memory, a natural, a luck, along with a distinctive traditional craftsmanship, make fondue is becoming better and better, recommend a paragraph not only rinse of the chafing dish, good taste, let recollection of it from the bottom of my heart.

qin ma pot bottom material

ten fragrance saliva flow, qin ma pot you most cattle, reverberates in the north and south of the qin ma pot, we can finally bought, at home can also enjoy shop outside of taste, hot and rainy day more with oh!

tomato flavor hot pot sea fishing

thick tomato flavor in the mouth of the rotary, quiet thought the breath of nature, rich tomato pot let you enjoy the incomparable taste buds, feelings and close to nature.

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