pregnancy shit inside is also very important, try to choose such a bottoming shirt

pregnancy shit inside is also very important, try to choose such a bottoming shirt

pregnant women sweater bottoming shirt

selected clothing pregnant mother must be cautious, this piece is good quality and warm knitted sweater, loose version of the type of completely can cover your pregnant belly. point of the most more is a lot of lovely falbala, worn alone inside the ride is very nice.

thick piece pregnant women sweater

long style swimsuit cover the belly and body modification, a perfect combination of black with white lace sweater, fashion strong smell, super loose version of the pregnant mother wore very comfortable, let the whole yiyi fine knitting process become extraordinary quality.

polka dot turtleneck bottoming shirt

simple but not simple, fashion polka dot element more lovely, nice round neck design to create the perfect neck line. add cashmere thicker section but not overly burdensome, upper body warm and lightweight yo.

pregnant women plus thick velvet sweater

leisure sweater regardless of how to wear the ride will not be very low, the ride plus velvet models more suitable for winter wear, this section is specifically designed for pregnant mom design, waist very relaxed, does not tighten pregnant belly, bring a little bit of simple graffiti fashion breath.

striped shirt loose

be sure to choose plus thick velvet warm winter, warm mother and baby can at all times. casual loose outline, pregnant mother wear no pressure. fashion hit color to highlight your extraordinary taste, and long sections bottoming best suited to.

hedging knit backing shirt

saturated color give people comfortable feeling full, slim version of the upper body of the very thin. super stretch fabric without binding, wave pleated fishtail skirt is its biggest bright spot, fashionable even after their baby is never out of season.

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